American casino operator, Full House Resorts Incorporated, has unveiled plans that would see it construct a new five-story destination resort in eastern New Mexico featuring a 35,000 sq ft casino alongside a mile-long horseracing track.

Venue would be christened La Posada del Llano:

According to an official Monday press release from Full House Resorts Incorporated, the planned development would be known as La Posada del Llano and also offer a 300-room luxury hotel, an RV park, an 18-hole golf course and five miles of recreational riding trails.

Full House Resorts Incorporated detailed that it envisions building the new resort on around 520 acres of land near the small city of Clovis, which lies only about three miles from the New Mexico border with Texas. It explained that future guests would moreover be able to enjoy a 15,000 sq ft spa facility, an infield water park and a wide selection of eating and drinking options.

Opportune location:

Daniel Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer for Full House Resorts Incorporated, declared that the proposed site for La Posada del Llano would give the new development ‘tremendous potential’ to draw visitors ‘from throughout the area’, which includes the large Texas cities of El Paso, Lubbock and Amarillo.

Lee’s statement read…

“We are proposing to build an entire regional destination resort, entailing much more than just a racetrack and a casino. Such a development will produce more jobs, more development, greater tax revenues and larger horseracing purses while also becoming a major attraction and amenity for the region.”

Submission follows regulator’s request:

Full House Resorts Incorporated announced that it is already responsible for five casinos in four states including Bronco Billy’s Casino and Hotel in Cripple Creek, Colorado, as well as southern Mississippi’s Silver Slipper Casino and Hotel. The Las Vegas-headquartered firm further stated that it submitted its plans for La Posada del Llano to the New Mexico Racing Commission following the regulator’s initiation of a competitive bidding process for the western state’s sixth horseracing license.

Proposal includes ‘moving grandstand’ advance:

Additionally responsible for Stockman’s Casino in Fallon, Nevada, Full House Resorts Incorporated proclaimed that it additionally wants to bring a ‘moving grandstand’ to its La Posada del Llano development. It detailed that this tram-like innovation would allow hundreds of race-goers to experience close-up views of thoroughbred and quarter-horse action as it travels around the circular track at the same speed as the racing horses.

Lee’s statement read…

“In a typical race, spectators in the grandstand only see two brief moments of a race; its start and the closing seconds at the finish line. Our ‘moving grandstand’ changes that [by] allowing spectators to race side-by-side with the horses for every dramatic second of the race. By reinventing the viewing experience, we intend to open horseracing to a new generation of fans.”

Operator committed to providing a ‘luxury experience’:

Full House Resorts Incorporated stated that its management team previously helped to develop the L’Auberge du Lac casino resort in southern Louisiana and is now extremely focused on making sure that its proposed New Mexico venue provides ‘a luxury experience’ that would ‘complement the unique historic character of the area’ around Clovis.

Lee’s statement read…

“We wanted to design a facility that the city of Clovis and really the entire state of New Mexico can be proud of. La Posada del Llano will attract a broad range of guests; those who enjoy a quality racetrack, those whose interest is piqued by our unique set of amenities and even those who are interested in family entertainment. We believe it will help transform Clovis into a year-round tourist destination.”