The highly-anticipated inaugural European Gaming Congress (EGC) will take place on October 16, 2018, at the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

According to the official press release

Among the confirmed speakers, Tatjana Scepanovic, who has served as Secretary General of Montenegro Bet since 2012, will share with attendees her insights and her expert opinion about Montenegro’s gambling industry and the potential for investment opportunities in the Balkan country.

Scepanovic will be joined by Zoran Puhač, Secretary General of European Organization for Gaming Law (EOGL) and Serbian gaming expert, in the panel discussion titled, “Highlighting the Balkans and Southeast Europe,” which focuses on Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Additional speakers are to be announced soon.

The moderator for the panel discussion is Donata Szabo, Junior Legal and Research Manager for GamblingCompliance.

Live gaming limited, online gambling abundant in Montenegro:

Brick and mortar casinos are few and far between in Montenegro, with the best being on the Montenegrin Coast, most notably Maestral Resort & Casino, which is located in one of the most exclusive parts of the Adriatic coast, in the immediate vicinity of Sveti Stefan.

While casinos are scarce in the sovereign state in Southeastern Europe, online gambling is abundant and has been legal since October 2011. Montenegro’s main gaming authority, the Games of Chance Administration, began issuing online gaming licenses in January 2012.

In an effort to attract more investors, the Government of Montenegro simplified the licensing procedure and imposed minimum capital requirements. Operators who are licensed for online gaming in the country are able to offer all forms of web-based games of chance, such as slots, poker, sports betting and live casino. The one exception is lottery.

Licensing packages for the first year run between €25,000 ($US28,936), with the cost of a renewal license €15,000 ($US17,362). The income tax rate is 9 percent for licensees, according to the release.

Media partners and event organizers:

World Casino Directory and its parent organization, Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) are both media partners of this exciting event which will bring together industry experts from throughout Europe. This merging of minds will create a platform from which networking and learning at the highest level are achieved.

This must-attend event is being organized by European Gaming Events (formerly EEGEvents), a sub-division of European Gaming Media and Events, whose founder, co-owner and Head of Business, Zoltán Tűndik, explained the importance of the one-day conference.

“European Gaming Congress is specially designed to bring together industry experts, regulators, operator and service providers in order to discuss burning issues some of the markets are facing when working with compliance updates and licensing. The event also offers networking sessions which will help attending delegates to meet and greet some of well known faces of the gambling industry in Europe. The agenda will give the opportunity for attending delegates to dive into regulatory updates from Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Greece and many more jurisdictions. We look forward to seeing you in Ljubljana with a full day of quality content and networking.”

Seating limited:

Be sure to be one of the 100 registrants who will gain invaluable insight from the impressive lineup of speakers who will share their wealth of knowledge with operators and industry-connected companies about Spain, France, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Herzegovina, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Bosnia, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia and Montenegro.

The complete agenda and event details, including speakers, can be found on the official website of the EGC.