The opening date of Durango Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, owned by Station Casinos, is close – and one more milestone is achieved. The resort will be opened in three months, and its marquee is turned on.

The grand opening:

This LED sign is 130 feet tall, and its main function will be to broadcast the opening announcement. 

The Station Casinos revealed the date of the grand opening, scheduling it for November 20. After that, the marquee started shining, announcing good news for the whole world to see. The regulatory approval is still pending, but if it passes, the opening will be held two days after the Formula One Grand Prix, which means that the city will be full of tourists already.

David Horn, a General Manager and Vice President of Durango Hotel and Casino, said: “It’s been a long time coming for everybody involved. And I think it’s exciting.”

All benefits of the new property:

He highlighted the economic growth that comes as a consequence of building a new casino resort. So far, the works on construction grant work for 1.600 people, and after the opening, there will be around 1,500 new hires. The new property will benefit the whole area: it will be a place for both business and pleasure. 

Scott Kreeger, the president of the parent company, Red Rock Resorts, says the company is prepared for new hires. The external hiring will start on August 14.

The biggest percentage of neighbors agree with building the new resort. There will be some Station Casinos staples, but according to the source, there will be many various options that will make the new resort attractive and unique, including different types of restaurants that will be open to the public.

The budget for this project is $780 million, and so far, it seems the additional budget won’t be necessary.

The resort will be placed near the 215 Beltway. Besides the casino, there will be 200 hotel rooms, a huge convention and meeting space, as well as a swimming pool and outdoor social space. Parking will be free for all guests. The property in Las Vegas Valley will be the only unrestricted gaming property in a radius of five miles around it.

Potential expansion:

Lorenzo Fertitta, a Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: “When we open properties, every aspect of the property is open, ready to go. We’ll open the doors and let her rip for the customers.”

Investor analysts are discussing phase two of the property’s expansion, and according to Fertita, it will probably take place. The expansion will feature enhanced gaming capacities and additional entertainment options. However, nothing is definite at this point since the company’s financial situation will determine if the expansion will take place.