Dynam Japan Holdings Co Ltd announced its intent to enter into a resort development project through a recent Hong Kong filing. On Wednesday, June 24, 2015 the filing was announced, with the report stating a resort project would be prepared during 2015, with budgeting talks beginning in 2016. Dynam is a pachinko hall operator, looking to expand in Japan; however, clear details on the investment project are not known.

The company wanted to indicate the intention to begin a resort project. The filing mentions land in Yamaguchi prefecture, located in Honshu, Japan. It would be located in Shimonoseki, which is the largest city on the island of Honshu. Dynam is targeting a piece of land that has already been used as a training location for Dynam.

Dynam’s filing stated their 48 years experience in the gaming industry makes it a natural transition to operate a resort project. The company will set up the Resort Development Group, starting Wednesday July 1, 2015 to handle the project details and proposals.

Reuters reported the Chairman Yoji Sato was seeking a partnership for operations in Japan. The announcement was made over a year ago in 2014, when the initial bills from the Japanese government legalizing gambling were passed.

Dynam is not the only company looking to form a resort casino business in Japan. US Casino operators such as MGM Resorts International is looking to run establishments in Tokyo and Osaka.