Revenue projections for the Kansas Crossing Casino of Pittsburg were expected to come in at around $3 million a month once opened. The casino has now been in operation for four months and has only generated $2 million or a little over $2 million every month. The venue has been unable to meet projections and now the casino has decided to shorten the hours that table games are in operation due to lower demand.

According to the Joplin Globe, the General Manager of the casino, Doug Fisher, stated that the casino has reduced the hours of table games due to customer interest and 10 employees of 400 staff members have been laid off.

Kansas currently receives a little more than 20% of the revenue produced by the casino, according to Keith Kocher, the Kansas Lottery Director of Gaming Facilities. Officials do not seem to be worried about the lower revenue numbers. Carl Wood, the Crawford County Commission Chairman stated that he feels the revenue will increase once a niche is found. According to Wood, there is no dependence on the revenue and ‘anything is better than nothing’.

The majority of the money provided to the state by the casino goes towards the reserves of the city of Pittsburg, the city where the casino is located.

Kocher pointed out that in the summer months, casinos will normally see a drop in revenues due to regular visitors being on vacation. It will be interesting to see if traffic picks up over the next few months and if the venue is able to see an increase in revenues, coming closer to the estimated projections.