For the second time, The Tradewinds Casino Cruise ship, Escapade (not pictured)  ran aground Saturday. A sand bar on the Bull River cut gamblers’ trips short. The ship was stuck for about two hours before returning to dock. Smoke was reportedly seen coming from the engines due to being worked so hard to escape the bar.

On Sunday local media reported that Coast Guard officials in Savannah, Georgia have removed the ship’s certificate of inspections until operations can be reviewed as early as Monday. If revoked permanently the casino cruises could be stopped from continuing.

No-one was harmed in the incident and passengers were given food and drinks while stranded. New boarding passes were issued for a future cruise and passengers were refunded.

The incident happened almost a year to date from the casino cruise ship’s maiden voyage. On that trip 96 passengers and 27 crew were stranded overnight when the vessel ran aground about midnight, Tuesday July 15th.

In that instance the 174′ boat was about 2 miles off the north end of a popular beach destination east of Savannah, Tybee Island. Nobody was injured in that accident either.

The Escapade is a three level casino ship operated by Florida-based Tradewinds Casino Cruise. At full capacity 500 passengers can be on board.