Almost a month after launching its Reign of Dragons video slot and online casino games developer, Evoplay Entertainment, has now returned with the premiere of its new five-reel and 25-payline Sprinkle innovation.

The firm used an official Tuesday press release published by European Gaming Media and Events to describe Sprinkle as its ‘second fully three-dimensional virtual reality in-browser slot’ that utilizes ‘cutting-edge technology’ to transport players into ‘a fully immersive fantasy world.’

Generational appeal:

Established in 2017, Evoplay Entertainment declared that its newest video slot features a 96% return-to-player ratio and was ‘designed with the latest generation of players in mind.’ It stated that the mobile-friendly title is ‘an entirely new approach to gaming’ and also comes complete with a range of ‘generous features’ such as wild substitutions and free spins alongside ‘neon graphics and smooth animation.’

Engrossing experience:

Alex Levchenko, Chief Executive Officer for Evoplay , used the press release to proclaim that players can explore the ‘fully immersive fantasy world’ offered by Sprinkle by zooming and rotating the game’s screen while moreover using its ‘intuitive swiping mode’ to reveal payouts and alter bets. As if all of this wasn’t enough, he asserted that aficionados may additionally ‘take the experience to another level of immersion’ by utilizing a virtual reality headset to better enjoy the game’s ‘sophisticated graphics, smooth animation and revolutionary user interface.’

Read a statement from Levchenko…

“We created Sprinkle to offer something entirely new to our players. The gameplay is a dream come true and takes players onto an entirely new level of immersive gaming. The technology that went into its development is some of the best the industry’s seen and we’re delighted to become the world’s first development studio to have launched two three-dimensional virtual reality in-browser slots.”