Snail Games, a top-rated publisher and developer has announced that their new open world survival game titled, Fear the Night, is now offered via Steam. The game has introduced a new IP filled with unique environments where players are to try and survive, taking on rogue robots and zombies. The free-to-play MMO is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and is set to offer players a unique gaming experience.

Scavenging in the Daylight:

During the daytime hours, players are to use their time wisely, staying on the hunt for weapons and gear as well as a place to shelter themselves from the creatures of the game. Once it becomes dark, the world is taken over by the undead and survival is based on creating safe zones in the game.

According to European Gaming…

Snail Games Vice President Tianqi Wu commented on the new game by stating: “Fear the Night is an unparalleled apocalyptic game that allows players to test their scavenging and fortification skills during the day, and battle the undead well into the night as the lone survivor and humanity’s last hope during a zombie apocalypse. We can’t wait for MMO gamers to experience this thrilling persistent online world where anything can happen.”

A Constant Battle:

In the night, players will face a continual battle. Zombie hordes as well as robots will out looking for humans. The robots were initially created by the United Army to protect the humans but eventually went rogue and are now a danger. Players do have the option to hack the robots and once activation codes are obtained, players can turn their foe into an ally.

The new game is online 24-hours so that players can take part any time, day or night. Characters are still in the world even if the players are offline.