Armenia’s first-ever gambling industry gaming forum is set to take place in the country’s capital Yerevan on November 19, 2015. Conference topics will encompass all aspects of developing a successful gambling business in Armenia – including how to envision, startup and launch gaming enterprises, the legal requirements for opening casinos and clubs, online casino development, currency and crypto-currency issues, investment and funding, forecasts and prospects, and supplemental streams of gaming income including affiliate marketing.

In addition to the speaker presentations, the Gaming Congress is featuring a Demo Area. Forum organizers will gather casino and poker club equipment manufacturers, betting software developers, payment system representatives, and potential investors, and all participants of the event will have access to these product demonstrations.

A tour of Armenian casinos is scheduled for November 20, and will provide the Gaming Congress participants a chance to investigate the operations of a casino from behind the scenes. Guests will be able to meet with business owners and CEOs, establish industry contacts, and discuss possible cooperative ideas with gambling industry representatives.

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, the smallest of the CIS countries. The republic has a population of about 3 million people, with one-third of the country’s residents living central to Yerevan. There are currently 10 casinos and another 100 gaming parlors in and around the capital city.

The event is being organized by Smile-Expo, an innovative CIS exhibition and conference event company that specializes in advanced business developments including robotics and communications technologies, 3D printing, virtual reality, crypto-currency, as well as the gambling and entertainment industries.