By fall of 2018, MGM Resorts International intends to open a casino near Springfield, Massachusetts. Two federally recognized tribes of the state warned legislators that the two casinos operated by the tribes would suffer due to the new venue. According to a new analysis by the fiscal office of the General Assembly, as much as $68.3 million could be lost once the new casino is up and running.

Lawmakers asked the Office of Fiscal Analysis to review the impact of the planned MGM Springfield casino for the fiscal year of 2019. The office predicted that the state may lose over $68 million due to the MGM Resorts venue.

The two tribes of the state have been working to create a new venue together, establishing a company that is looking for sites to operate a jointly run casino on the border to be able to compete with MGM. This plan stills has to be approved by legislature. Yesterday, a spokesman for the tribes stated that the state and the tribes need to work together to prevent losses of this magnitude as estimated by the recent analysis.