American mobile social online casino games developer Fort Mason Games has announced that it has introduced four new features for its Confetti Casino brand that have been designed to increase the number of female players as well as those valuing collaboration over competitiveness.

Create pan-portfolio friendships:

The California studio used an official Thursday press release to detail that the first of these advances enable mobile social online casino games players to befriend other aficionados before taking these relationships with them to any other slot title in its portfolio. The firm explained that it is hoping that this first-of-its-kind innovation will foster collaborative play by allowing users to build friendships while also increasing user adoption and making its games more attractive to women.

Collaborative play:

Fort Mason Games declared that players can now subsequently exploit these relationships to enjoy its social titles collaboratively in order to earn faster and better in-game rewards. It stated that this Confetti Cannon feature is triggered when users work together while their prizes are to be based on how much their alliances helped to trigger a virtual cannon.

Visual communication:

To help Confetti Casino players to keep track of each other and their in-game relationships, the San Francisco-headquartered firm confirmed that its third new innovation allows these users to express themselves via a range of emoji GIFs. It proclaimed that this world-first advance will help to eliminate the often ‘toxic communication’ that is associated with the more traditional text-based model often utilized by other social online casinos.

Hearts for prizes:

Finally, the developer announced that Confetti Casino users can now moreover foster friendships and collaborative play by sending each other virtual heart icons that serve as a proprietary social currency and can be utilized to receive even more in-game rewards.

Committed to ‘inclusivity and innovation’:

Fort Mason Games, which is led in the role of Chief Executive Officer by former Zynga Incorporated trendsetter Kate Gorman (pictured), detailed that its Confetti Casino brand is endeavoring to ‘change the face of the industry’ and can be freely downloaded for iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle devices via Google Play, the Apple Store and Amazon.

Gorman’s statement read…

“Women enjoy collaborating but mobile games tend to be competitive and combative. We’re passionate about helping these women feel represented by creating games directly for them. And by doing so, we’re setting an industry precedent that will push mobile gaming into a new era of inclusivity and innovation.”