On Thursday, the Gaming Commission of Massachusetts approved an extension for the developer of the New Bedford and Somerset Casinos to complete applications for the remaining casino license. Developers now have until May 4th, 46 additional days, to complete applications for the casino process.

KG Urban is the developer behind the New Bedford project, Cannon Street Station, which Foxwoods would be operating. The very same day as the extension, KG Urban and Mayor John Mitchell came to an agreement which would see a payment of $4.5 million upfront if the casino is built as well as $12.5 million to the city of New Bedford each year. This is a major change as just a few weeks ago, it seemed as though no deal would be made.

KG Urban had already missed the previous deadline  to turn in the licensing application for their Cannon Street Station proposal. Representatives for the company told the Gaming Commission during yesterday’s meeting that with the new deal in place, it will be easier to get funders on board for the project. The application is currently missing sources for funding, which is why the extension was asked for.

On March 16th the Gaming Commission confirmed that only Mass Gaming & Entertainment, a subsidiary of Chicago-based Rush Street Gaming,  had submitted their application on time for a casino at the Brockton Fairgrounds. The residents of Brockton are scheduled to vote on that casino proposal on the 12th of May.