After launching exclusively via the Betsson Group, FunFair Games has now launched its new AstroBoomers: To the Moon! online slot game network-wide. Available via the RGX Matrix platform, the slot game takes players on an intergalactic journey, complete with unique features and graphics.

About the Game

AstroBoomers provides a unique experience. When you load the online slot game, you see the rocket ship preparing for liftoff. You need to place your wager quickly before the ship takes off. There are three areas for betting. As you wager, the astronauts start to load up in the ship.

When the countdown ends, the ship blasts off and you see how far the flight goes to determine your win. As you fly into space, you must choose when to eject your astronauts so they won’t blow up with the ship. As you eject, you win prizes.

The challenge in this game is to stay on the ship as long as you can to earn larger prizes before blowing up. This simple factor makes the game exciting to play. You won’t find any extra spins or wilds here, just an interactive slot game with plenty of win potential.

FunFair Games COO Lloyd Purser commented on the new game by stating: “We are thrilled to announce the network-wide rocket-launch of our exhilarating debut game, AstroBoomers: To the Moon!

“The absorbing crash title takes gamblers on an interactive adventure which is simple yet compelling, showcasing the community-driven experiences demanded by a new generation of players who are turning away from passive slot gameplay. We are confident that it will continue to prove hugely popular.”

A Community Based-Experience

This online slot is a first of its kind as it offers a community-based experience. Prizes up to 2,500x the bet can be won and wins are capped at 250,000. Gamers of AstroBoomers challenge each other to see who can stay onboard the rocket for the longest. You choose three bets per round and eject yourself or choose auto-eject.

According to FunFair, the unique concept behind the game was used to cater to the Gen Y audience. This group of players requires more innovation and a different style of gameplay. With AstroBoomers, players are interacting with the game, similar to a video game, which is what this generation enjoys.

The exclusive launch via the Betsson Group built up the game’s popularity and with this network-wide launch, the community of AstroBoomer’s is sure to grow extensively!