Land-based and online gaming testing and assessment services provider Gaming Laboratories International has announced the purchase from NMi Certin and other related parties of NMi Metrology and Gaming Limited and its NMi Gaming security compliance testing and auditing subsidiary.

Established in 1989 following the privatization of the Dutch Legal Metrology Service, NMi Metrology and Gaming Limited expanded internationally in 2010 and is now seen as one of the major players in the world of gaming certification and auditing.

“Over the last two years, Gaming Laboratories International has completed multiple strategic acquisitions such as Bulletproof, Kobetron Incorporated and Gaming Informatics, which further enhance our business offerings and increase the levels of customer service that Gaming Laboratories International provides to our gaming clients globally,” read a statement from James Maida, President and Chief Executive Officer for Gaming Laboratories International. “Now, with the acquisition of NMi Gaming, we have created synergies that are beneficial to both NMi Gaming and Gaming Laboratories International clients and provides additional bandwidth for even greater customer service.”

Gaming Laboratories International declared that the deal will provide NMi Gaming clients with “instant global reach” via its 475 accredited jurisdictions while its own customers will be able to enjoy “even greater levels of service and attention”.

“This is an excellent opportunity for our customers as this allows us to leverage Gaming Laboratories International’s worldwide coverage while retaining the dynamism of our independent operations,” read a statement from Andrew Rosewarne from NMi Gaming.

NMi Gaming has offices in the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands while Gaming Laboratories International stated that its new purchase is set to continue operating under its own name “for the foreseeable future”.

“Gaming Laboratories International’s unrivalled jurisdictional expertise coupled with our team’s technological and problem-solving mindset promises to make this an exciting new chapter in the ongoing development of the business,” read a statement from Richard Edwards from NMi Gaming.

Gaming Laboratories International explained that NMi Gaming customers can expect a “business as usual” approach moving forward while it expects to leverage its own global presence in order to grow and enhance its newly-acquired venture’s services.

“The gaming compliance industry has come to know Richard Edwards and Andrew Rosewarne as outstanding leaders in their field,” read a statement from Martin Britton, Europe, Middle East and Africa Managing Director for Gaming Laboratories International. “Adding their expertise and the NMi Gaming team to Gaming Laboratories International is an alliance that affords complementary services that clients of both companies can leverage.”