The creators of GeoComply, the location detection software, now being used by Sportsbook Apps in order to detect VPN location fraud, reported a record 100 million geolocation checks in 23 US states and the District of Columbia with legitimate, online sports wagering throughout Super Bowl LVII weekend.

This was the first Super Bowl event in the state to include legitimate sports wagering.

Description of geolocation check:

The most important geolocation checks include:

  • GeoComply performed 100 million geolocation checks on Saturday and Sunday, a 25 percent increase over last year’s Super Bowl weekend;
  • GeoComply registered 7,4 million accounts over the weekend, an increase of 32 percent compared to last year;
  • Data from GeoComply shows more than 100,000 geolocation checks in and around State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, with over 8,000 fan betting accounts;
  • New York topped all states with 13,9 million GeoComply geolocation checks throughout Super Bowl weekend.

Commenting on Geocomply’s geolocation checks, Anna Sainsbury, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Geocomply, said: “Super Bowl LVII was a record-breaking event. GeoComply data reveals that Americans’ interest in legally betting on the Super Bowl has never been higher. It also showed that many fans at State Farm Stadium embraced their newfound ability to bet while watching the game in person.”

Super Bowl’s huge impact on legal sports betting:

The location of the Super Bowl and the home of the two competing teams had a stimulating effect on legitimate wagering activities in their respective states.

An example of this is: since sports wagering is legitimate in Arizona, where State Farm Stadium is located, large hordes of Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs fans have come to Arizona just to bet on their favorite teams.

Another example is: Kansas legalized online sports betting in September 2022. However, the Kansas City Chiefs stadium and many fans are located in Missouri, where unfortunately sports betting is still illegal. That’s why during Super Bowl weekend, GeoComply reported a record 2,2 million legitimate sports wagering geolocation transactions in Kansas while Missourians tried to legitimize bookies in another states a quarter-of-a-million times and were blocked from placing bets.

One more example of this is that throughout Super Bowl weekend, GeoComply recorded more than 100,000 geolocation checks from mobile wagering to Arizona-regulated online sportsbooks in and around the Super Bowl stadium.

Super Bowl as prime prey for online scammers:

Along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Super Bowl is prime prey for online scammers looking to use the increased fan interest for their own benefit.

Throughout the entire week leading up to the Super Bowl, GeoComply’s technology detected and denied access to online fraudsters by blocking over 140,000 fraud attempts. It has protected consumers and sportsbooks from scam groups, account takeovers and ID theft among other financial scams.

In this regard, Ms. Sainsbury added: “It’s no secret that online fraud is a growing concern across all forms of e-commerce. Online sports betting may be a target for fraud, but because every bettor must verify their location, the industry has the data to stop it before it starts. GeoComply is proud to be a cyber security asset to the industry.

“GeoComply’s unprecedented transaction figures from this Super Bowl weekend reflect the growth of legal online sports betting. This tightly regulated industry emphasizes consumer protection, transparency, and accountability. Every state that regulates sports betting is a blow to the predatory black market that operates in the shadows, providing zero safeguards for bettors and no economic benefit to the local community.”

Online sports betting industry as a leading revenue for the US:

The legitimate online sports wagering industry is an economic driver, collecting more than $2.47 billion in tax income across the US as of May 2018.

The introduction of regulated online sports betting in Arkansas, Kansas, Maryland and Ohio since last year’s Super Bowl helped drive GeoComply’s transaction volumes to new significant levels, with over 44 percent of the US population now able to legally wager on the game.

Newly regulated Ohio moved right into GeoComply’s top five states, ranked by geolocation transactions during Super Bowl weekend. It joins New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.


GeoComply’s geolocation verifies transactions for its customers, which occur at different stages of user registration and wagering with legitimate regulated online bookmakers.

It is a product published by GeomComply Solutions Inc. which provides scam prevention and cybersecurity solutions that detect scam on location and help verify a customer’s true digital identity.

It has a unique view of the US online sports wagering market as a trusted geolocation provider for the majority of regulated US online sports wagering operators. The company’s data is not intended to be the ultimate representative of the entire US market, but to offer a general insight into the dynamics of the relevant market.