Now long ago, online poker player Fedor Kruse was a hot topic in the news due to his roommates telling the public how he used a ‘dream machine’ to cheat at high stakes games. The online poker player reportedly used real-time assistance (RTA) to help his gameplay to win a ton of cash. On the GGNetwork, Kruse is suspected of using his computer set up to win $90,000. As a response, the network has now adopted changes to combat RTA.

Online Poker Network Changes

This week, GGPoker announced they have taken time to change up their procedures for handling cheaters, with a specific focus on RTA. The network has added enhanced detection methods to find RTA users and improve the way they handle such cheaters.

Already, GGPoker has detected a small number of RTA users on the network. They took action against these users. The online poker brand said they banned 40 accounts as of late for using RTA and just over $1.1 million has been confiscated from a total of 13 accounts.

Another 40 online poker accounts on the network were supposedly sent warnings. These accounts were not confirmed to be cheating but are now being watched closely by GGPoker. The site is wasting no time in taking action against RTA users. Anyone detected using RTA will be banned from the poker network and funds confiscated by the brand.

The Kruse Effect

GGPoker has not named Kruse as the person they say was a ‘high profile RTA case’ but most everyone feels that his actions were the reason the brand is taking action against cheating in this manner. The player reportedly moved from playing low to high stakes in less than a year, going from $0.50/$1 tables to $200/$400 tables.

His roommates came out recently, talking about how Kruse was using solvers as he played. They called him out on it and he said that he would stop. However, he continued to play at the high stakes tables and the roommates released a report showing how he was taking advantage during his online poker sessions.