Just a few days ago it was announced that the government of Japan was working on a new bill regarding the casino industry that would cover how new casinos would be regulated along with tax payments and number of licenses on offer. Now it seems a panel of experts within the government is proposing that the integrated resorts of the country be required to not only have casino gaming but also four core facilities on-site.

Each integrated resort in Japan would have to have four core facilities on top of the gaming options. According to the Japan Times, this would include a convention center, recreation facility, travel agency and a hotel. Reportedly, an extraordinary session of the Diet will be submitted this fall with a bill to establish the integrated resorts that will include casino gaming.

The proposal suggests that the core facilities will be run by the resort operator and the casino profits will help to support the operations of these facilities. The goal is that the integrated resorts will have additional means to attract individuals, including large events such as exhibitions and conferences. Tourists will also be encouraged to engage in extended stays as large hotels will constructed within the integrated resorts.

The proposal by the panel suggests that the integrated resorts be a one-stop-shop of sorts, offering all types of services, such as tours of sightseeing destinations. The resorts would act as a base for travelers and have a positive across Japan due to the many services provided.

The panel would see designated cities along with prefectural governments creating development plans for such integrated resorts by consulting proposals provided by resort operators. The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry would be the group in charge of the application process.

A limit would be created on the number of such resorts allowed in the country and the first of its kind is expected to be approved by 2020 or 2021, after the legislation is enacted. Additional meetings are planned by the panel where the focus will be on the casinos of the resorts, with regulations for the venues to be discussed as well as what games will be made available. Money laundering and gambling addiction will also be discussed with panel members looking for ways to fight such issues. A broad framework for the resorts should be finalized by the government this summer.