As reported by KAKE news, the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma plans to extend its Crosswinds Casino in Park City, Kansas, after the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on July 3 upheld a decision by the Department of the Interior to allow the tribe to have a role in gaming on its land.

Extension plans were delayed:

Crosswinds Casino in Park City officially opened in 2021, with initial plans for the small casino to be only a temporary location before the tribe begins a larger operation. In this regard, Wyandotte nation Chief Billy Friend, said: “You know our plans are to build a casino resort. We have 10 and a half acres that has been taken in trust for gaming. and then we also have another 100, approximately 125 acres.”

However, the plans for a larger site were delayed, as the State of Kansas contested the decision by the US Department of the Interior. Besides, it happened in 2020.

No more obstacles:

Regarding the planned casino expansion, Friend said: “It’ll probably be a three to four phase project. Our first phase will probably be, you know, full blown casino with restaurants.” In addition, the project’s first stage could be completed within 2 years, and Friend added that “the wait will be worth it.” 

However, in addition to the casino, the tribe also plans to expand the hotel they purchased and remodeled this year as a second stage. On that note, Friend said: “The tribe would open up what remains of their land for other development. Really looking ahead there’s a lot of opportunity there for real estate development. You know, we’d like to see a lot of economic activity take place on the 130 acres there.

“We purchased that land in 1992 and I’ve been working on this project since 2006 and so, to finally see things begin to start to come to fruition is is very exciting for us.”

Moreover, in addition to the planned casino and hotel expansion, the tribe is also in the midst of of changing its gaming compact with the federal government to permit card games and possibly sports wagering. So the tribe hopes it will be done in time with the extended casino. In this regard, KEKE news contacted the Governor’s office and Attorney General’s office for comment, but did not receive a response.


Located right off of I-135 in Park City, Kansas, CrossWinds Casino opened its doors to the public on March 2, 2021. Owned and operated by the Wyandotte Nation, which is also responsible for 7th Street Casino in Kansas City, River Bend Casino & Hotel, and Lucky Turtle Casino in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, the casino is about 30 miles away from the state-owned Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane.