Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada just lost his general counsel Michon Martin as she moves on to join the team at Resorts World Las Vegas. The governor’s office announced the departure on Monday, with Martin serving as general counsel for Sandoval since April of 2013. In 2015, Martin was a key component to advocating the passage of the $1.4 billion tax package to help fund his education plans for Nevada.

In the statement, Sandoval stated that Michon was integral to developing his administration’s pursuit for a new Nevada, and has been tenacious in her advocacy for a stronger and more prosperous state. He also added that Michon left a profound impact and will be missed by the entire staff.

Martin commented that she was honored to have served in the administration of the governor and to have a role in the mission of the governor to lay a foundation for future generation’s success in the state. Martin first worked with the state attorney general’s office before taking her positon with the governor.

She will now take her place at Resorts World Las Vegas, a new facility to be created by The Genting Group. The $4 billion project will be located on the former Stardust Casino property and will have as many as 3,000 hotel rooms, a casino and a theater, all along the Las Vegas Strip.