Over the weekend, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino of Sioux City was shut down for around 12 hours due to what the casino reported as technical issues. The casino was back up and running by Sunday morning and the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission is reporting that the shutdown was due to a hardware issue.

Administrator of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, Brian Ohoriklo, stated that the problem on Saturday afternoon began with the shutdown of the surveillance system of the casino. The Hard Rock immediately contacted the Commission and alerted them of the issue.

Ohorilko stated that rules of the administration dictate that alternative options are in place and that when a problem occurs, the DCI are to be made aware. Unfortunately for the Hard Rock, the alternative options were not set up right away, according to the administrator. Customers at the casino during the hardware problem were asked to leave the gaming portion of the venue so that the problem could be assessed.

The administrator reported that the employees of the casino handled the problem well and it was ill-timed that the shutdown took place during a busy time for the venue. The Hard Rock will be looking into the hardware issue but it is believed that the problem was a simple malfunction and nothing else.