Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu are two of the most well-known and recognizable poker players in the game today. Both have amazing records in the live scene as well as online and just recently started duking it out at the felt against each other in PokerGO’s High Stakes Duel. The first matchup saw Hellmuth come back from an amazing deficit to beat his fellow pro and now it seems he has done it again.

In the first matchup, Hellmuth was down to his last few chips, when he dug deep and came back to beat Negreanu. In round two of the match-up, the stakes had doubled to $100,000 and the players took part in a 30-minute level SNG, live on PokerGO. In the end, despite Negreanu coming out early in control, Hellmuth would come back yet again to claim the win.

Trying to Maintain the Lead

Early on, Negreanu found himself in a hole and had to dig out of it to regain control of the online poker matchup, and he did. A big hand would help him to secure the lead, for the time being anyway. Hellmuth was in with 6-4 hearts and Negreanu would raise with pocket Jacks. The board showed 6-10-3 and a J on the turn, which led to more betting on both sides.

The four on the river saw Negreanu overbet and Hellmuth came back even harder, but Negreanu was ready, and he bet again. In the end, Negreanu won the hand and was able to claim a big pot and pull ahead in the matchup.

Turning Things Around

Eventually, a big bluff would turn things around for Hellmuth in the poker match. Hellmuth had gained some ground and then decided to raise with Q-4. Negreanu called with Q-6 of hearts. The board showed 8-Q-2-6 and Negreanu bet at this time. Hellmuth increased the 5,500 bet to 12,500 and Negreanu called with 28,000. Hellmuth decided to fall and then fell back in chips.

Soon after, Negreanu would bet with 9-7 of diamonds and Hellmuth three-bet with 10-2 of diamonds. The board fell 6-K-6 and Hellmuth continued betting. Negreanu called and an 8 of diamonds fell on the turn, which helped both pros.

Negreanu bet again and Hellmuth decided to go for it. A 9 of spades on the river saw Hellmuth shove and Negreanu was out. The lead was back in Hellmuth’s hands and he would dominate from that point on.

The two have already scheduled Round 3 and we shall see how it goes. Will Hellmuth be able to claim a victory once more, or will Negreanu finally be able to best him at the felt?