High 5 Games (H5G) is suing International Game Technology (IGT) for a breach in licensing terms. High 5 Games is a developer for social, mobile, online, and land-based games. In a recent lawsuit the game developer cited a number of alleged violations that occurred between their company and IGT.

The lawsuit has been filed with the US District Court in Chicago. The claim: IGT violated conditions named in a signed partnership agreement, and failed to provide royalties to High 5 Games on at least 81 game titles, including ‘Ghostbusters‘ and ‘Sex and the City’.

The breach occurred with the latest agreement signed after a year of settlement discussions in 2011. According to information provided by High 5 Games’ attorneys, H5G and IGT first signed a deal in 2003. In 2008 they extended the agreement to end in 2011. At that time there was a disagreement over how the game distribution occurred and certain royalties. At the time IGT did not want to face certain penalties under the 2008 extension agreement, at least this is what the complaint alleges. To avoid the situation, IGT offered a new agreement that started in 2012.

Attorneys for H5G further state the agreement is terminated and IGT has still not made proper payments. They have not stopped distributing modified, unauthorized games. IGT has also failed to cancel, abandon, or assign certain trademarks to High 5 Games.
H5G is requesting for IGT to stop using some features on sites like DoubleDown Casino as part of the lawsuit. The company has also requested certain slot machines should not be used by IGT.

High 5 Games’ attorneys are the only representatives speaking with media about the breach in licensing agreement. IGT has not officially commented on the complaint or lawsuit.