The transformation process has begun. The Horseshoe Cleveland Casino has taken their first steps into becoming Jack Casino. The sign stating the name of Horseshoe Casino as well as the big horseshoe on top of the venue have been removed.

Shannon Mortland is a spokeswoman for the company who stated that this is the very first sign to come down. The company will take everything down and then wait for the transition to put up the Jack signage. Previously known as Rock Gaming, Jack Entertainment took over the management of several properties recently besides the Horseshoe Cleveland, including the ThistleDown Racino and the Horseshoe Cincinnati.

With the Horseshoe Cleveland, any reference to horses or horseshoes will be removed. The horseshoe brand was integrated well so the property will have to make several changes to remove all traces of the old brand. The sign that was removed on Friday will be replaced with a new sign that says ‘JACK’ hung vertically, with the word ‘Casino’ below it. This sign will be located above the skywalk. The letters will be white with red edges and have back lighting. The new sign will be 750 square feet in size.

Additional changes to take place include the awnings will be removed from the first floor. Guests will no longer see the dark colored awnings with horseshoes upon arrival but will see red awnings with white writing, stating the new name of the casino venue.