Once Judge Andrew Gordon ruled the case against high stakes gambler Paul Phua be dismissed, the gambler wasted no time exiting the country. Having been confined to Las Vegas for many months since the case began, Phua was ready to get back to his homeland of Malaysia. It appears as though Phua wanted to leave the country for obvious reasons but also to visit with his mother, who according to numerous reports, has been sick for some time.

It appears that Phua flew out as quickly as he could, just five hours after Gordon ruled that agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation acted in an unlawful manner to obtain information used in a raid on July 9th to gather evidence in the case. The raid took place at a villa being used by Phua at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Phua was alleged to have been involved in an illegal online betting operation that was taking millions of dollars in wagers on games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup of Brazil. Phua denied the allegations and was in Las Vegas on $2 million bail since the trial began.