After a preseason game against Rochdale and Huddersfield Town took place in July, one team involved is now facing misconduct charges. Huddersfield was charged with misconduct by the Football Association after the team showed up wearing a new home kit that had a huge Paddy Power logo on the front. The logo was quite large and exceeded the guidelines set by the Football Association of 250 square centimeters. Come to find out, the kit was a joke and part of a shirt sponsorship ploy by Paddy Power.

Violating Regulations:

Huddersfield Town FC was charged with being in violation of the Kit and Advertising Regulations of the Football Association regarding the jerseys. The misconduct charge stated that Huddersfield appeared to be in breach of Regulation C.2(i) and the club has until August 16th to respond to the charge.

According to The 42…

Paddy Power has responded to the issue at hand, stating that the kit for the Terriers will not feature their logo. The design worn during the preseason game was a fake kit to showcase what their new campaign, ‘Save Our Shirt,’ is about. The following is a statement from the brand:

“Shirt sponsorship in football has gone too far. We accept that there is a role for sponsors around football, but the shirt should be sacred. So we are calling on other sponsors to join the ‘Save Our Shirt’ campaign, and give something back to the fans. As a sponsor, we know our place and it’s not on your shirt.”

Fake Kit:

Once the fake kit was revealed, with the Paddy Power logo loud and proud on the front, Huddersfield was hit with a ton of criticism. According to the team director, Sean Jarvis, it was an interesting few days but he was delighted once the real kit was revealed, minus the logo.

While the team takes pride in their new design and are happy to be taking part in the ‘Save Our Shirts’ campaign, the English football authorities were not happy with the publicity stunt and reacted with the misconduct charges.