Scientific Games and Groupe FDJ, which operates La Française des Jeux, France’s national lottery, released a revolutionary lottery feature. This enhancement, named iDecide, will provide the card players with the possibility to carry on with the game through a digital game, which potentially can increase their prizes 

This concept is revolutionary in the global lottery industry. The release time of iDecide is well-prepared – its launching comes a few days before the World Lottery Summit, which will be held in Vancouver. Groupe FDJ and Scientific Games will host the demonstrations during the event, which is a fantastic opportunity for operators and players to try this new feature.   

The best of two worlds:  

So, what’s all the fuss about? Long story short, it’s about combining the offline and online worlds, which gives players a rare possibility to enjoy the game in both worlds.  

And how does it actually work? Every instant scratch card game that features iDecide contains a QR code with a call-to-action that calls the player to carry on with the game. Prizes achieved on the physical card could be changed for cash or moved to a digital game.  

The player can access the iDecide digital game via the QR code they previously got. Players have to successfully proceed with a digital game in order to increase their prizes. And how to do that? The answer isn’t very specific because players’ decisions during the whole digital game determine the final result.   

One of the benefits of iDecide is that the games are entirely secure, and they also retain a re-defined prize structure from the original offline game. Also, registration on a platform is not required so that the players can enter the game quickly 

But don’t worry – if you don’t want to, you don’t have to play the online game. You can redeem your winnings from the physical game straight away. But if you decide to proceed with the digital game, all your previous winnings will be automatically updated on iDecide.  

Modernizing the lottery experience: 

Xavier Etienne, Executive Vice President Technology and International for FDJ, said, “iDecide easily connects lottery players from an instant scratch card game sold at retail to the digital channel. These unique products were strategically developed to connect physical and digital game play with a focus on providing a unique digital entertainment experience for players while preserving FDJ’s strong retailer network. There has never been anything like iDecide, it is truly a product of the future for the global lottery industry.”  

Jeff Martineck, Senior VP of Global Lottery Product Innovation for Scientific Games, added, “Games featuring iDecide modernize the lottery experience for the consumer. These unique games put the power of choice into the consumer’s hands, moving them seamlessly from retail to digital as they decide how deeply they want to play and win. Best of all, iDecide games firmly connect lottery retailers to the digital channel, maximizing revenues and contributions to lottery good cause programs.”