The Mystique Casino in Dubuque, Iowa has faced stiff competition over the past eight years and has now decided to re-brand in efforts to promote the casino more effectively. The Mystique Casino will change its name to the Q Casino beginning today.

The re-branding will take place in efforts to revive the casino, after the gaming venue has continued to see a decline in revenues since 2008. According to, the casino has seen a revenue decrease of 32% from 2008 through 2016. Diamond Jo is a neighboring casino, also located in Dubuque that gained the attention of gamblers, seeing an increase of 68%. A new facility was opened by Diamond Jo in 2008 which was more enticing to players than the Mystique Casino.

Directors of the newly branded Q Casino have stated that the increase in competition from Diamond Jo Casino caused the venue to lose customers plus Davenport now has two new gaming venues that are taking away gaming floor traffic. This month, crews will be on-site to begin renovations of the two restaurants of the casino and the gaming floor will now remain open 24/7. The venue has also scheduled a few big-name musicians to perform at the casino.

The changes are a way for the casino to stay relevant in today’s industry. Brian Southwood, of Q Casino, stated that the re-branding is a way for the casino to keep up with competition and hopefully get back what they lost, bringing back customers and seeing new customers at the venue as well.