The Delaware County Senior Citizens Center has hosted euchre games for many years now, offering prizes for seniors who pay a few dollars to take part. Days ago, gaming commission officials began to investigate the long-running game which caused an instant controversy. State Governor Mike Pence has now weighed in on the matter, stating gambling regulators need to consider common sense as they go about their job.

Speaking to reporters earlier this week, Pence stated that the governor’s office made it very clear to the gaming commission that there will be no state action taken against the senior center located in Muncie in regards to the euchre games. The governor reminded them that common sense should be used when dealing with Indiana state laws.

The controversy first began when the gaming commission contacted the Delaware County Senior Citizens Center via email about a complaint against the euchre game which takes place three times a week. Residents pay a small fee to be able to win prizes like cookies or toilet paper.

According to the governor, the intention was never to crack down on the center, but to simply provide information about the gambling laws of the state. It appeared as though since regulators were showing interest in the event, it was believed that action was going to be taken.

The senior center officials have disputed the claim by the governor previously by stating gambling regulators of the state told them they had to stop collecting money for the game. The Muncie center as well as one additional facility in Indiana have stopped the games as a result of the communications from the gaming commission which has resulted in many angry senior citizens.