Two card rooms in San Diego County that FBI raided just a few days ago are now fighting to reopen in time for Christmas. The card rooms, Seven Mile Casino and the Palomar Card Club, both say they have done no wrong and want to be back in operation this week.

Federal authorities raided the card rooms last week, issuing warrants for arrest of 25 individuals who were found to be connected to an alleged conspiracy to launder funds in excess of $10 million from profits during high stakes poker games as well as running an illegal gambling operation.

The casinos have pled not guilty and want to be able to continue to offer their services during the Christmas season. Seven Mile Casino relations consultant, Dan Hom, stated that the number one priority of the card room is to be back open, allowing the 300+ employees to begin working again and providing for their families. A representative for the Palomar Card Club, Arkan Somo, stated that he was also concerned over the 150 employees of their venue.

The Attorney General’s office says that if the casinos want to be able to reopen, they have to stop paying any partners they have currently as well as shareholders, plus hire a new management team. The AG office of California stated that each business has contacted the Bureau of Gambling Control of California and could be back in business if they are able to secure the regulatory permission with their attorney general of the city of operation.

Seven Mile Casino is able to open temporarily based on the current conditional use permit according to Glen Googins, the AC of Chula Vista City. After the raid, the casino was allowed to extend their license after the California Gambling Control Commission voted in favor of the extension, though the FBI will continue to investigate and the casino will be under watch.

As far as the Palomar Card Club is concerned, the permit to operate within the city is still in place as the AG of San Diego has not taken administrative action to remove the permit.