After the full House of Representatives voted to approve the Integrated Resort Implementation Bill earlier this week, it was expected that the current session of Japan’s Parliament would be extended to provide more time for the House of Councillors to consider the measure. The governing coalition decided on Wednesday to extend the current session until the 22nd of July, which gives hope that the Integrated Resorts Implementation Bill will be passed into law.

The current session was set to end on June 20th, with the extension being made possible via a formal resolution on Wednesday afternoon. According to GGRAsia, additional measures are also being considered on top of the casino bill. Considerations will be made on legislation involving labor conditions, among others.

The government is currently looking to create several reforms that would improve the economic structure of Japan, including casino liberalization. The goal involving casino gaming is to see fresh tourism emerge within the country.

With the extension granted, the House of Councillors will have time to consider the measure. It is expected that if approved, the first licensing for casinos in Japan would be handed out by 2020 with resorts opening before 2025. So, even if the Integrated Resort Implementation Bill were to be passed into law, it would still be some time before actual gaming would take place in the country.

With a month left for consideration, we shall see in the coming weeks if the House of Councillors chooses to pass the bill. All eyes will be on Japan’s Parliament as the decision on the measure is anticipated.