Tuesday April 28, 2015—In Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party, Ishin no To and Party for Future Generations resubmitted a casino bill to the House of Representatives. If the bill passes it will lift the current ban on casinos. The Ishin no To or Japan Innovation Party along with the Liberal Democratic Party and Party for Future Generations submitted the bill in 2013, but it was denied last December by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The bill also has the consent from Komeito, the Liberal Democratic Party coalition partner. Komeito is not sponsoring the bill. Lawmakers of the ruling coalition partner are critical of casino legalization.

The current Diet session is very full, so the Committee on Cabinet, which is going to deal with the bill, may not be able to pass it. Other bills may take precedence.

Hiroyuki Hosoda, the acting secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, stated the bill will hopefully be passed in the Diet session. Passing the bill would mean facilities could open before 2020, which is the year Japan will host the Tokyo Olympic games.

The bill is controversial for some. The opposing party feels there is too much gambling addiction already in Japan. They do not want more with casinos being legalized. In 2013 it is suspected about 5.36 million residents of Japan have a compulsive gambling problem.