In Japan and three opposition political parties are reportedly set to join with the Japanese Communist Party in order to introduce legislation that could scupper the nation’s licensing of an inaugural trio of integrated casino resorts.

According to a Monday report from Inside Asian Gaming, the Social Democratic Party, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Democratic Party for the People are due to introduce their anti-casino measure when the next session of the bicameral National Diet convenes on January 20 in hopes of gaining support from members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its Komeito coalition partner.

Controversial claims:

Inside Asian Gaming reported that the four parties have been angered by recent revelations that Chinese sports lottery firm may have attempted to win the right to bring an integrated casino resort to either Hokkaido or Okinawa by bribing up to six sitting members of the House of Representatives. The quartet together have just over 100 delegates in the 465-seat body and purportedly revealed that their proposed legislation would abolish the enabling Integrated Resort Development Act and associated Integrated Resort Promotion Act.

Disgraceful dilemma:

Hideya Sugio serves as Chairman for the center-left Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and he reportedly attended a special Friday meeting at which the four political parties unveiled their anti-casino plan. The experienced representative moreover sits in the upper House of Councillors legislative body and purportedly used the event to describe the bribery allegations as ‘a scandal’ that has already led to the arrest of prominent Liberal Democratic Party politician Tsukasa Akimoto.

Sugio reportedly declared…

“This integrated resort bribery has become a scandal. We need to stop this process that the government is trying to force through.”

Explicit espousal:

However, Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, reportedly used a Sunday interview with the Japan Broadcasting Corporation to reiterate his support for the policy of licensing the three integrated casino resorts. As such, the 65-year-old leader purportedly proclaimed that his government is currently involved in making ‘the necessary preparations legally and with the understanding and trust of the public.’

Actual achievement:

Echoing these sentiments and the government’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide Suga, reportedly declared that the necessity of bringing three integrated casino resorts to Japan ‘has been discussed many times’ and he is now focused on ensuring that ‘we realize the effects of an integrated resort facility as soon as possible and prepare properly.’