The new construction of the Rhythm City Casino of Iowa is coming along nicely, with the venue shaping up to meet the June deadline for opening. Mo Hyder, the General Manager of the property, has revealed that the venue will be ready by the 16th of June, the date set for opening.

According to Hyder, at this point, the construction portion of the project is around 90% complete. Hyder stated that the journey to get to this point has been incredible and this is the moment that everyone has been waiting for.

The venue will consist of 285,000 square feet in space that will include a hotel, casino, events center, restaurants, bars, spa, a sports lounge and more. Hyder reiterated that opening day will be an exciting day for the casino as they are coming off of a first-generation riverboat. The positioning of the property should allow the venue to capture business from the outer markets.

The development will not only provide an entertainment option for the community but also employment. Over 600 individuals will be employed by Rhythm City Casino, with 400 of these positions being new to the area.