Social poker games are a popular option for online gamers who want to enjoy the widely popular game while socializing with fellow players.  Created by KamaGames, the Pokerist app is an example of a popular social poker gaming option available today. Just this week, KamaGames introduced a new poker game to their app, Split Bet Poker, which is the 8th edition on the independent social mobile poker operator’s poker app.

The way Split Bet Poker works is simple. Players will be dealt three cards. If players do not like the cards they have been dealt, they can choose to take back 1/3 of their wager. After which, the first two community cards are exposed. Players can then decide once again if they want to take away 1/3 of their wager. Once the final community card is dealt, the player will win if their hand beats the dealer.

The strategy for this game is to evaluate your hand and determine if you should take back 1/3 of your bet or not. If you have a pair or high cards, with the potential for a flush or straight, you might want to maintain your bet. If your cards are no good, then it is wise to take back the portion of your wager.

According to PokerNews, the new Split Bet Poker game offers two side bets. Lucky 3 and Lucky 6 allow players to wager even more in the hopes of earning a win. With Lucky 3, players are placing a side bet on whether or not they will be dealt a three-card combination that will win the hand. With the Lucky 6, players are wagering that their three cards plus the two community cards and a sixth bonus card will help create a winning hand.

Split Bet Poker can be enjoyed by players who download the Pokerist app, along with a host of other poker gaming options.