Phil Ruffin, a Las Vegas billionaire is one of a few casino operators proposing to build a casino in the south east region of Kansas. The Kansas Lottery Commission announced a request April 15, 2015 for more information to be provided by Phil Ruffin for his Emerald City Casino. The commission is questioning if he is actually going to supply a $50 million investment for the casino project. The casino is going to be state owned and require a total of $78.5 million to build. Ruffin has to meet the state requirement for the investment amount, which Bill Shea the CFO of Ruffin Co believes he can make.

The site of the proposed casino is Camptown Greyhound Park located in Frontenac. Ruffin owns the land and values it at $25 million. The county assessor in Crawford feels it is worth only $1 million.

The other two proposals include Kansas Crossing Casino and Castle Rock Casino Resort. SE Kansas Casino Partners withdrew their application in early march.