After launching this past summer with a gaming experience powered by iGaming Cloud Innovation via Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GIG)(GIG:Oslo), Karjala Kasino has now announced a redesign of their website. The casino features a collection of more than 500 games and now offers their services in more languages, including Karelian.

In a recent press release, it was announced that the online casino is the first to offer Karelian Dialect Localized experiences. The goal is to attract players from Norway and Sweden, with the redesign. Karelian speaking players as well as Norwegian and Swedish members will now have access to a completely localized offering.

CEO of Karjala Kasino, Adnan Maslo, stated in the press release that “Karjala Kasino was rebranded and given a completely new look and content in the start of November. We have added local Karelian dialect and based on previous demand, we also opened the brand to international traffic by adding Swedish and Norwegian languages to the site and to the support team.”

“It was time to open our community to more markets now. We launched Karjala Kasino originally in Summer 2017 for Finnish players and the demand from other markets was very strong already from the start. Overall, the launch has exceeded our expectation and the brand is finding a nice place in the heart of the Finns.”

With the changes included in the redesign, the online casino reportedly becomes the first anywhere to offer the Karelian dialect. A region in the East of Finland, Karelia is the heart of the Karjala Kasino brand.

Henri Kukkonen, the Brand Manager for Karjala Kasino, commented on the launch as well stating: “Karelian dialect is spoken in Eastern part of Finland, but every Finn is guaranteed to recognize it. We wanted to give our Finnish players something funny and unique without risking losing our identity as a truly Finnish and Karelian brand. The Karelian dialect works really well with the new look.”

The site redesign and new language offerings can be seen at