As one of the largest online gambling operators in Europe, the Kindred Group operates 13 brands and serves more than 20 million customers across the globe. Part of being a quality online gaming operator is to offer the best experience for every customer. The Kindred Group has proven they are a top provider by winning the Return on Customer Experience Gold Award for 2017. The award was presented to the group via the UK Customer Experience Awards held in London on Sept. 28, 2017.

Previously known as the Unibet Group, the Malta-based operator saw great success during the awards and was recognized for its data driver approach, that is considered ground-breaking in the gaming industry, along with its predictive analytic models.

The Kindred Group has proven to have a strong focus on the customer experience based on what matters most to consumer, factors that also bring financial value to the company. Christophe Dhaisne, the Kindred Group Customer Champion, commented on the recent award win by stating: “Many companies begin their efforts to change the customer experience with a broad aspiration to transform it but often fail to understand clearly what a superior customer experience is worth and exactly how it will generate value,” according to the press release.

Dhaisne stated further that the Kindred Group decided to invest early in their analytic approach, being able to develop the analytic models that were unique and innovative so the company could create a link between financial value and the experience of the customer. The company is proud to have been recognized in this regard.

The award was presented during the 2017 UK Customer Experience Awards, hosted by Awards International. The ceremony recognizes and celebrates the skills that are involved in creating a quality customer service experience. The event takes place each year and also serves as a platform for operators to share their best practices and promote improvement, personal development and learning within the industry.