Kiron Interactive has teamed up with FashionTV Gaming Group, a luxury lifestyle brand, to create a new virtual football game. The goal of the new title is to provide new levels of realism in gaming, with options to engage players from around the world.

New Luxury Line of Gaming Content

The supplier has already launched the first title to come from its luxury line of gaming products titled FashionTV Nations League. This title offers a single-game format that features 20 teams from around the world and operates similarly to the World Cup.

The new game first launches on BetMan, the plug&play bet management system of Kiron. Eventually, the game will go live via the retail sector, offering even more players access to the new title. One unique aspect of this game is that it features real cheerleaders and uses video content from FashionTV in-between events.

With this added boost of content, it increases engagement and helps bring a new level of reality to the virtual space. These elements are a first for the virtual sector and are a welcome addition to the gaming market.

Input from Company Officials

FashionTV Nations League uses current virtual football elements as well as a large selection of betting markets, plus content from FashionTV to create a new form of entertainment. It is expected that with all of these elements combined, the new title is sure to be a player favorite.

Kiron co-CEO Steven Spartinos stated that the company has enjoyed working with the FashionTV Gaming Group on the new product and look forward to seeing how the title will be received by players and operators.

Spartinos pointed out further that is refreshing to work with a partner that brings something unique to the table, and the brand is confident that the FashionTV Nations League title will be a big hit among players from around the world.

FashionTV Gaming Group COO Shai Kaplun commented on the new title as well, stating: “We choose our partners very carefully and for a product such as this, Kiron’s credentials were the perfect fit. Its experience creating industry-leading content was apparent during development and you can see this in the execution of the final game.”

Kaplun stated further that the new game is just the first in a series of new luxury products. FashionTV Gaming Group is working to bring luxury and glamor to industry leaders, with new game formats. The company is excited to see how the game performs and to continue to work with industry leaders around the world.