KPMG has published its online report for the eSummit Gibraltar 2018. The summit report, sponsored by Continent 8 Technologies, offers transcripts of speeches and panel discussions from the thought-leading program which took place on April 26 at the Sunborn Hotel in Gibraltar’s Ocean Village. Access to the full report is free of charge.

Industry outlooks as well as Brexit, changing regulatory climates, market landscapes, and consumer protection were explored with top keynote speakers and experts.

Well attended seminars included a panel discussion on Gibraltar’s proposition for Fintech and sessions on crypto funds along with cybersecurity benchmarking, data protection, and gender diversity.

Minister for Commerce opens event:

The Hon. Albert Isola, Minister for Commerce of Gibraltar opened the conference and noted that the event was oversubscribed and gave credit to Micky Swindale and her KPGM team organizing the event.

In a note delivered after the event, KPMG’s Global Head of Leisure Will Hawkley commented on the value of looking to the progress of the past, and where the industry is today as well as “where we would all like it to go in the future.”

He continued: “It is very encouraging to see such a positive picture emerging and I’m extremely grateful to all our guests and speakers for sharing their insights and providing thought leadership on such an important range of topics.”

KPMG eGaming team

Report sponsored by Continent 8 Technologies:

Once again, Continent 8 Technologies supported the production and release of the report which can be found in its entirety in PDF format here.

September 20, 2018, will see the next KPMG eSummit at COMIS, Mount Murray in the Isle of Man. Attendance is by invitation only. To register your interest in future events including the Isle of Man eSummit, please visit


The Report includes:

  • Introduction by Michael Tobin, CEO & Co-founder, Continent 8 Technologies
  • Opening speech by The Hon Albert Isola
  • Lengthy speech by Gibraltar’s long-serving former Gambling Commissioner
    Phill Brear.

Phill Brear

  • A recap of his first 100 days in office by Andrew Lyman, the current Gambling Commissioner.
  • Eye-opening insights into distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain by Gibraltar Financial
  • Services Commission Senior Advisor, Siân Jones.
  • A full transcript of the Gibraltar eSummit Brexit Panel discussion Moderated by Mark Essex, Director of Public Policy, KPMG in the UK.
  • IMGL Masterclass on The US Sports Betting Market by former California and Bermuda commissioners, Richard Schuetz who offered hard-hitting and candid anecdotes about regulation in the real world after nearly 4 decades on the industry side of the equation.

The invaluable comprehensive report also goes into detail on the market view; M&A activity, gambling disorders in a virtual world, protecting vulnerable customers, and an outlook for the industry with a panel moderated by Andrew Lyman.

KPMG eSummit series updates can be found here.