In an increase of nearly 9 percent compared to the same time last year, airport officials in Las Vegas say that in February 3.4 million people flew in and out of the destination.

On Thursday, statistics that show an increase in traffic of 8.9 percent last month compared to February 2015 were released by McCarran International Airport, according to the Associated Press.

Also up 8.1 percent compared to January and February of last year, is the number of passengers so far this year.

While the number of passengers on domestic flights saw a 10.2 percent increase, the number of passengers on international flights decreased slightly by 2.8 percent.

Overall, the numbers for 2016 continue to be strong after the third highest passenger count in airport history was recorded in 2015, with a total of more than 45 million passengers.

McCarran International Airport began serving a few thousand people in the late 1940s, grew that number to 1 million by 1959, and now serves more than 40 million travelers. It is one of the busiest airports in the world and one of two in the world to have airport slot machines; Reno is the other.