On June 28th 2015, it was reported that a group of members have accused the Macau Jockey Club bosses of mismanagement, and that the cuts in the budget have created a real problem.

The claims that have been made follow the Sunday Morning Post revealing concerns over the well being of the most successful racehorse in Hong Kong, Viva Pataca, now retired and living in an austere stable.

The claims have been rejected and the concerns are being addresses  according to a spokesperson for the Macau Jockey Club.

There has been a collapse in horse racing in terms of popularity, as the club has not made a profit since 2004. The losses that have been incurred amount to 3.8 million patacas.

One of the main concerns that have been raised is the lessening number of top class races that are hosted in Macau. Owners of racehorses say that as there are not enough events and many Class 1 horses are not able to race for months, which will then affect their performance in the long run.

The letter of complaints has come off the face of evidence that points to substandard facilities. The Alfonso, a Macau Derby Winner, suffered server injuries earlier this month following the collapse of a large piece of concrete in the club stables.

Amanda Savage, spokeswomen said that they have replied to the members and they have no further complaints. However, Francis Tin a member that that includes his signature among the 19,  said that they had not received a response from the club.

The Jockey Club has reapplied for their license with the government and is still waiting for a decision.

News in late April revealed that the Hong Kong Jockey Club, who have experienced similar difficulties, have instituted a major re-organizational plan to begin August 1, 2015.