The four mile stretch of the Las Vegas Strip is a common destination for travelers to Nevada. The Strip features popular casino-resorts and is usually clogged with cars and taxis, even tourists walking to their next destination. From luxury vehicles to helicopter tours, the Strip is becoming congested and city officials are trying to come to a solution to remedy the heavy tourist traffic.

Ideas are currently being discussed by those in the traffic industry, including transit officials, taxi cab owners, tourism officials and hotel owners. According to Rossi Ralenkotter, the CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, around 44% of customers arrive by air and these customers have been used to taking mass transit to reach their destination once they land.

New options for travel being considered is a light-rail system linking the airport to the Strip or a monorail extension from the convention centers. Certain ideas are considered quick fixes while others could be considered a long-term solution. Officials are trying to streamline the travel experience so visitors will continue to come back instead of being put off by lousy transportation options.

With tourism always a factor and the amount of permanent residents in Las Vegas expected to increase, the transportation commission is currently working on a plan which will include solutions for the next 5, 10 and 20 years. A report of their findings as well as recommendations for funding is expected to take place in the fall.