Senator Linda Valentino has worked to provide Maine with more control over casinos, but has been unsuccessful. According to a report on Monday April 27, 2015 changes may make it possible for Valentino to be successful. A new report is on her side with regards to casinos, which comes at the right time for a new debate on gambling she was getting ready to have. In the past Maine has not had a comprehensive gambling policy in place. The current situation includes citizen initiatives to decide if a casino can be built, and lets casino developers write their own rules to a large degree. This has given the state little say in the matter.

The commissioned report conducted in 2014 shows that Maine has more opportunities for casinos. The report also outlines an option for bidding on licenses. The report shows five regions can be set up where the state can seek bids on casinos in the three areas not already served. It also suggests that Maine could benefit from another casino in the southern part of the state and possibly another smaller venue in Washington or Aroostook County to be operated by Native Tribes.

While the report is showing positive information that the state can support more casinos, opposition from the existing Bangor and Oxford casinos may make it difficult for new policies to be passed.

The Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs began to examine the report today.