Illinois news from Sunday April 26, 2015 shows some perceived controversy over Governor Bruce Rauner’s   recent decision to appoint Hector Alejandre to the Illinois Gaming Board. Hector Alejandre is an Illinois State Police special agent who heads up the  Hispanic Illinois State Law Enforcement Association (HISLEA). His organization has accepted donations in the past from one the most profitable casino in the state, Rivers Casino Des Plaines.

Alejendre did not answer questions the media posed with regards to his “conflict of interest” however, it is known that Alejandre will not vote on any Rivers Casino matters that come before the board for six months.

A spokesperson for Rauner stated that the prior donations made to the HISLEA while Alejandre was on the board would not influence his current appointment. The governor does not expect any issues with the appointment.

Another board member with ties to HISLEA is Isaiah “Danny” Vega – former president of the group. Vega is now the deputy administrator of enforcement for the Illinois Gaming Board.

Rivers Casino made about $5,500  in donations to HISLEA while Vega and Alejandre were top officers of the group. The group will not take any more donations from the casino as long as the two mentioned board members are in office. The previous donations were accepted over a period beginning in 2012 and were reportedly used for scholarships and programming.