Lim Soo Kok is a Malaysian gambler who has reportedly tried to use his ties in Australia to get out of a debt owed with Resorts World Sentosa, a gambling resort venue of Singapore. The gambler has assets in Australia and tried to use the credit-based wagering ban of the area to void a debt of $460,000 he had incurred at Resorts World Sentosa. His efforts have failed as the bid was blocked.

According to the Straits Times newspaper of Singapore, Kok tried to have the debt removed based on his status in Australia, after he lost the money over a four month time frame dating back to 2013. The gambler took his efforts to the Supreme Court of Western Australia where his claim was dismissed in a move to see the gambling losses nullified.

In the ruling, a Supreme Court judicial officer stated that the Western Australia legislature have the power to enact laws that concern gambling and social problems that can be caused in the process of gambling but this does not apply on a universal level. The judicial officer ruled that in no way does the credit based gaming prohibition law of Western Australia undermine the judgement made in Singapore in regards to Kok’s debts with Resorts World Sentosa.

This case has significance as it tested if a law in the area of Australia could serve as grounds to stop a judgement in Singapore based on casino gambling from being enforced.