Gambler’s Fallacy: …belief that a departure from what occurs on average or in the long term will be corrected in the short term.
Gambler’s Reality: >. Minus house edge.
Casino BS: We Won’t Pay

We all like to see new and innovative games come down the pike. RealTime Gaming (RTG) has been keeping their players happy in that respect with consistent new releases. We all like to go on a run now and then and the novelty of a new game gives the gambler’s fallacy in us hope. Yes, I am intimate with the ‘gambler’s fallacy’, I play almost daily when I have those kinds of discretionary funds. And (never start a sentence with that word)… AND Like many generations of idiots before me and millions of fools to come, I dream of an unstoppable run at the casino – a Dream Run.

Admit it. If you gamble at all you have that silliness in you too. I don’t care if you play blackjack, pai gow, video poker or slots. Somewhere deep inside you think you have a chance to win in the long run and maybe, just maybe a game will simply be nice to you long enough for you to clean up and recoup your losses.

Sometimes in the heat of the moment (a crime of passion) online casinos will release a game that is too good to be true. One example is Reel Deal; a game that is too good to be true for certain casinos. A game like that can linger on the internet for years, and like death by a thousand cuts, or bringing a frog to a slow boil, nobody will notice. But when a game swings the other way and players have the Edge, we see it disappear immediately. We see players denied their winnings.

If we were dealing with a mechanical device, a lopsided wheel or tire with weights or other bias, “Malfunction Voids All Pays” would be a fair result. If the grocer simply didn’t know that his hireling had stuffed coupons for golden eggs up some of the Christmas goose’s ying a lings, we could understand him not honouring those units of exchange. Honestly, we all know the casino has the advantage and our only hope as gamblers is to get out when we are ahead.

When it comes to random number generators and the game maths that rely on them online it is a far more complicated matter. The onus is on a casino to test a game before it goes LIVE, period. There are no widgets, no loose parts, no flies in the ointment. Online games are simply not capable of malfunctioning. The slots engines, the RTP percentages, and the maths are set in stone.

RTG recently released a slots game called Dream Run. The game was LIVE less than a week. An untold number of players won an un-knowable amount of money playing the game. RTG casinos are not paying the big winners.

Malfunction Voids All Pays

That caveat is simply not acceptable when it comes to a virtual machine. No ball bearings have gone askew, no grease has missed a wheel, no bubble gum has been stuffed up the chute, and the players have done nothing to manipulate the ‘machine’ other than pressing the virtual spin button.