The state lottery of Massachusetts is interested in expanding their offerings to include online ticket sales, social gaming, and even dabbling in daily fantasy sports betting. Earlier this week, the Massachusetts Lottery Commission issues a request in a formal fashion to receive information from technology partners. These potential partners can submit proposals for the ‘ILottery System’ which would offer online gaming as well as DFS and social gaming options.

Deborah Goldberg is the treasurer of the state who stated in the past that the Lottery is too reliant on the keno and scratch ticket games. These games account for as much as 87% of lottery sales. However, these games are not attracting the younger audience, which Goldberg feels needs to happen. Future competition from the new casino projects of the state could also hurt the lottery when the three venues open over the next few years.

Back in November, Michael Sweeney, the Executive Director of the Lottery, called out DFS as the biggest threat to the future of the lottery. Earlier this week, Sweeney stated that the expansion of the Lottery proposing DFS and additional online gaming options would require state legislators to approve the gaming.

The state will also have to consider the retail partners of the lottery. The retailers may not be very excited about online competition and how it may affect their ticket sales. Because of this, the lottery is looking for information for specific systems that would allow for a cross-pollination between the online applications and physical retailer space.