ACR Energy Partners met Tuesday April 14, 2015 with a Federal Judge asking for restrictions on Glenn Straub’s new purchase of the Atlantic City Revel Casino. Straub’s new building has been without power since Thursday. ACR Energy shut off the power to the 47 story building. They cite unsafe equipment as the reason for the refusal to provide power. Straub was using equipment from Polo North Country Club that the power company deems unfit. There are concerns that it is more than equipment that it is a matter of the energy company and Straub not reaching a deal on energy costs.

Straub stated Tuesday that the company was desperate since Revel is the only customer. Straub’s Polo North was denied a request on Friday when a state judge would not require ACR to return power. ACR has followed with a federal court appeal. The response has been a meeting on Tuesday and a request by Polo North to have the power company vacate the property.

Polo North has to pay $5,000 in fines for every day the power is not on at the building. It is a fine related to the fire prevention system, which is shut down without power. The fire chief feels the casino poses hazards and problems without power.

Straub would like to connect the power grid to Showboat eventually and has plans to use generators for power until that can be completed. Generators were dropped off at Polo North Tuesday and intends on connecting them as soon as possible. ACR’s complaint is that the generators are going to interfere with proper distribution and equipment from ACR. New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection said today they are unlikely to let Straub power up the generators due to health and safety concerns.