Several changes are taking place at the Meadows Racetrack & Casino, including the addition of a sportsbook. Behind the scenes, major work is occurring, with renovations underway to provide patrons even more within the venue. Several areas of the property have been closed for quite some time in order to create a new sports betting facility, with a total of $14 million being spent on venue changes.

Major Renovations:

The Vibe lounge was closed weeks ago so construction could begin on the casino’s sportsbook. Last month, the Food Court was closed to allow for a new restaurant installation. The casino will be home to a four-restaurant plan that was created by Fabio Viviani, a popular celebrity chef.

Slot machines have also been reconfigured on the gaming floor to make the space more inviting to players. By October, the Headliners lounge will be shut down so that more seating and additional renovations can be made.

According to the…

Tony Frabbiele, the general manager of the Meadows, commented on the changes by stating: “We really just have a total transformation of the Meadows experience taking place. We want the whole experience for the customers on the main gaming floor to feel like it’s a whole new Meadows.”

By the end of the year, Frabbiele stated the venue will look like a whole new casino. Every part of the gaming as well as the non-gaming floor is being touched, to provide a refresh to the facility.

Sports Betting:

In early July, the Meadows filed for a sportsbook license with the Gaming Control Board. The Pennsylvania casino’s plans were to keep the U-shaped bar of the Vibe space and then install new seating as well as teller cages where players can place their bets. Large screens will also be added to the space for viewing the sporting events as well as betting odds.

Before the casino can receive their license, they must provide a presentation to the board on what they will be offering. Once the plan is approved, the Meadows will have to pay for the license which costs $10 million.

Once the sportsbook is ready, the Meadows will have to test their space with live wagering to ensure there are no problems before full-scale betting can take place permanently.

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  1. Patty Valenti

    We go to The Meadows casino probably twice a month. We drive about an hour and 20 minutes each way. We always had a good time there playing the slots. It seems like things have changed in the past year. The machines are very tight. We can go through 100.00 in 20 minutes without winning even a little bit to keep us playing. I don’t know if it’s because of the renovations-so the machines do not pay out. Most of us feel like WE are paying for the expensive remodel. We went about 2 weeks ago and realized none of the several machines we always play were gone. We walked around for a while looking for slots we thought we would like. We ended up spending about 200.00 each and left maybe 2 hours later. We would always stay 6-7-8 hours and have a great time. I was even given as a Christmas present last year an overnight stay at your hotel and spending money by my family. I understood you are remodeling and want everyone to be patient but in the process you are making your loyal customers frustrated. Giving nothing back. It’s just not fun anymore.


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