MGM’s Springfield casino project has raised concerns among adjacent property owners who fear that the construction may cause traffic problems. On Wednesday the group urged city officials to set conditions that would protect them from congestion, traffic hazards and similar hardships.

During Wednesday’s second-hearing at the City Hall officials had the chance to see the site plans for the $950-million MGM Springfield project. Owners of neighbouring buildings used the occasion to voice their concerns that the whole complex as well as its brand new design would bring traffic circulation problems; these problems, according to the group of worried citizens, would be heavily felt by tenants in case there are conflicts between them and traffic to and from the casino.

Nevertheless, their general view on the project is positive and they pointed out that they don’t have anything against its completion.

Among the individuals that spoke during the hearing there were representatives of the Pride store and station, Red Rose Pizzeria, Michelman-Burstein law office and Colvest-Berkshire Bank. Besides verbally stating their concerns, the owners also submitted documents that support their case.

Jeff Burstein from the Michelman-Burstein law office claimed that the design of the casino puts other properties “in the middle of a rotary.” He continued by saying that the property was already crowded and it would face serious traffic conditions.

On the other hand, Christopher Clgnoli, Springfield Public Works director, expressed his opinion that the planned widened turn from East Columbus Avenue to the MGM’s casino would improve traffic flow rather than cause problems.

After the public gave its testimony, Springfield’s City Council asked MGM Springfield representatives various questions related to the project. The next hearing on the subject is scheduled in three days i.e. for 25th of January.